The Time has Come

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As of April 30th I have shifted careers from part-time nanny for two families to a Freelance Writer/Editor and professional Travel Planner. I began this journey back in August of 2015. In March I took a series of exams and was recruited by a writing website. I have learned a great deal over the last 6 weeks and I love it. Through the experience I have gained with the first website I am now getting work from an additional freelance site. The freelance industry is booming and the work is rewarding. I work from home but connect with clients all over the United States and abroad. I have written about psychology, business, education, ethics, and tragic practices that take place around the world like child soldiering and various horrifying abuses towards women. I enjoy the writing and have recently taken a creative writing class to expand my skill set. I have begun my first mystery novel and have written a short introspective story which I will post within the next week.

My editing has consisted of a variety of papers, website copy, a novel, and a thesis. My new career has taken off in the last 6 weeks but I am looking for additional new clients for editing, writing, and travel planning contracts. If you know of someone needing this type of service and they want to work with a freelancer that communicates well and does a timely professional job please have them contact me via email at or at I look forward to hearing from you.

Tracy Beard