Medicine Does Not Always Come in the Form of a Pill – Two Days of Reflection and Thankfulness

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A pill eases many of life’s ailments, but there are multiple alternative solutions to peace and health. Life can be so harried, sometimes it seems like the days just rush by and we try desperately to “just get through them.” This week I experienced some alternative medicine. I stole away for two days and stayed at the “Unique Cabin” in the woods. I spent this time reflecting on my life, reading and writing, and being thankful for my blessings.

It is so easy to get “wrapped up” in the day-to-day responsibilities of work, paying bills, raising kids, and solving the ever-present problems that arise. It is important to look back on the moments, days, weeks, and years of our pasts and recognize what we have and what we have done with our time and resources. What really matters and holds some significance?

Cabin living space

Everyone goes through trouble in this life. There are money struggles, marriage problems, kid issues, health concerns, and a variety of other tribulations that come up during the course of a lifetime, but there are also joys, pleasures, thrills, highlights, and blessings. It is vital that each person take a little time, step away from themselves and their lives, and reflect on their past, present, and future.

I certainly have had my struggles in this life, but after hashing over all the problems, I have come to realize that I have experienced an abundance of blessings throughout my years. I am thankful that I have a hard-working and faithful husband, two amazing children, fantastic supportive parents, and friends that have stood by me through thick and thin. They have shared my joys and my sorrows, given counsel when necessary, and insisted that I get rid of the “guilt bag” I carried because it never went with any of my outfits.

Orange juice on the porch

God has not only given me three amazing career paths that have miraculously intertwined with each other but has met all of my needs for over 52 years. There are no wasted puzzle pieces. God can use each experience in our lives to fit into the masterpiece he has designed. I have not always got what I wanted, and I have undergone some very difficult times; but when I take the time to reflect on my past and present, I realize that God has used even the bad situations to bring about good. I want to encourage each reader to take a little time, step away from technology and life’s craziness, and reflect on what you have been given. You may be pleasantly surprised and view your present and future in a new light.