Food Writer


Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington

My love for unique and interesting food began while working as the Marketing Communications Coordinator for a computer software company in California. One aspect of my job was planning corporate events and high-end parties for executives across the country. Organizing events, ordering catering, flowers, and entertainment for these parties required some expertise. My supervisor wisely determined it prudent for me to study at a private culinary school nearby in San Francisco, California, to acquire an education in hosting these extravagant gatherings. My love for culinary delights began here. Working in the office by day and attending culinary school by night, I learned the ins and outs of the food industry.

Years later my cousin and I launched a catering company in Longview, Washington, where we provided everything from wedding feasts to small intimate dinners. Eventually I ventured out to host an “Underground Supper Club.” A friend and I prepared five-course gourmet, farm-to-table dinners paired with wine for twenty people in my home long before it became the rage years later in Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, and other major foodie cities.

My Love for Food as a Food Writer

Today I enjoy preparing gourmet meals at home for friends and family, eating out in interesting places around the world while photographing and writing about my dining experiences. I am passionate about feasting in charming local eateries and banqueting in fine dining establishments. My food writing inspiration originates from interviewing chefs and restaurant owners and then discovering why they do what they do, what they love about the industry, and why their restaurant is unique and noteworthy.

I am a foodie and I have eaten everything from bugs in Thailand and fresh goat in Zambia to some of the finest French food Paris has to offer. Living near one of today’s top food cities in the country, Portland, Oregon, I have the opportunity to discover new eats on a regular basis. I am a freelance food writer eager to share everything about food experiences and bring your readers along with you on your culinary tale.

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