Why should I hire you as my freelance writer?

I am a passionate, persuasive, direct response copywriter that cares deeply about presenting you and your business or story in a positive light. My direct response copywriting tells a story, evokes emotion, and draws readers in. I write unique and relevant copy that is not only engaging, compelling, and focused but also that inspires your readers to react and take action.

What kind of service do I provide?

I give personalized service. I began my career at various day jobs, gaining valuable experience along the way. I bring that expertise to you, the client. Working directly with you, there is no need to go through an agency or middleman, and therefore there is freedom to work on projects from any angle agreed upon without further need of another’s approval. This allows me to meet the specific needs of each person and produce a higher-quality product in the end.

With a direct line of communication, you can contact me any time with changes or additions to your projects. I am timely and well organized. Honoring deadlines established from the start, past clients will attest to my efficiency and judicious service.

Why am I qualified to write for you?

As a freelance writer, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Having traveled to hundreds of destinations around the world working with all types of people, I truly understand how they think and I know how to reach them. Writing for a variety of industries on numerous topics has taught me something new each time.
Every project is distinctive, and I tailor my work to the individual needs of each of client in order to reach their unique prospects. This variety of assignments aids me in continuing to write rich, vibrant content that communicates effectively, remains unforgettable, and is pleasurable for readers.

What kinds of project do I take?

I accept content writing projects from most industries. This includes but is not limited to print and online articles, blog posts, marketing pieces, landing pages, website content, social media campaigns, press releases, white papers and some ghostwriting projects.

How much do I charge?

I quote each job individually because they are all different. Some projects require more research than others, and certain clients choose to participate in the process more than others. I assess the difficulty of each project, determine the expertise necessary, evaluate the time required for each job, and then reflect that in my price. Project charges can be calculated on a per-word or project basis.
My rates are competitive. I give quotes and timelines before proceeding forward on any project. Any additions, changes, upgrades, or enhancements outside the specifications of this agreement, attached proposal, and statement of work are exclusive of this agreement and subject to further charges.

What are my terms?

I require a 50% deposit up front for most copywriting projects. The balance is due within 7 days after completion. Negotiations for specialized terms are available for longer and larger projects.

What types of payment do you accept?

I accept company checks or electronic payments through PayPal. Please know that PayPal charges a fee of approximately 3%. This fee is added to the client cost. I can send my email link to make the process easier.
I only take checks from U.S. clients. All other payments must be made through PayPal. PayPal charges an international money transfer fee based on the origin of the client’s country.

How do I communicate with my clients?

The best ways to communicate are by phone, Skype, and email. It may be possible to meet in person if the client lives in close proximity to me and scheduling is feasible.

Will I have to sign a contract?

Yes, after discussing a project, I will put together a contract with the details of the agreement. Projected timelines and price will be included. I hope to establish a long-term relationship without a long-term contract. As a freelancer, I work on a project-by-project basis. Within one or two projects, I will understand the client’s specific needs, and less communication will be necessary for each additional project. With me, clients have a reliable source to turn to for future projects without having to pay someone during their downtime. I will know what each client wants in a finished product and will be a nonstop, on-demand resource for them.

Do I charge for revisions?

All copywriting projects include 2-3 revisions or edits. Any additional changes or edits will incur additional charges agreed upon before completion.