Travel Writer


Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington

At the Beginning – writing for the job

Writing constitutes a good portion of each and every position I’ve held throughout my career. Whether crafting marketing materials for a computer software company, scripting newsletters for nonprofits, or carving out promotional materials for various businesses, I have always been a writer.

The Transformation – developing into a travel writer

I began journaling on my first international trip.

  • Traveling Abroad as a Teenager – I joined a mission trip to the Philippines for two months at age seventeen. Each day I wrote in a journal.
  • After College – My roommate and I ventured to Italy where I began taking detailed notes about my travels.
  • As a Marketing Communications Coordinator – During my career as a marketing communications coordinator, I organized travel for corporate executives, staff, and myself and kept copious notes regarding activities and places to stay.

In 2004 I founded an international children’s nonprofit. One task was designing trips to third world countries for children, parents, and myself, and then writing a newsletter upon returning home.

Traveling extensively for both my own pleasure and work, I participated in numerous outdoor adventures and excursions, which transformed me into an avid backpacker, skier, hiker, and zany adventurer. My travel writing encompasses stories about luxury travel, fine dining, and cultural escapades in addition to budget travel, cheap eats, and assorted free activities. Adventure travel stories often include rather unorthodox forms of travel — backpacking, camping, canyoning, hiking, sailing, and interesting food choices. Writing is a natural outlet for sharing my experiences.

At the Finish – freelance travel writer

Today, I am a full-time freelance travel writer operating out of Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington. Travel writing is by far some of the most interesting and exciting writing that I do. Whether I am traveling abroad to a luxury European destination, a poverty-stricken third world country, or just around the corner from my home, there is always something thrilling to write about when it comes to travel, food, adventure, and people.

Hire me to write your travel or adventure story. My travel writing will paint such a vivid picture that your readers will feel that they are experiencing each trip with you.

Feel free to check out other areas I am interested in writing about on my Favorite Focuses page.