A Fast and Easy Method for Vacation Planning

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Planning a vacation can be daunting. With so many options and things to consider the process can seem overwhelming. Instead of initially burying yourself in the details, outline your objectives and then narrow down the choices throughout the process. Begin your journey by asking these standard questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. Take your pen out now and answer these questions!

  • Who is going to go on the trip? Is this trip for adults or will children be accompanying you? This answer will affect the length of time available, cost of the trip, the type of activities you can participate in, and when you can go on the vacation.
  • What do you want to do on your vacation? People enjoy a variety of activities. Some options include physical adventures, visiting tourist sites, shopping, viewing historical monuments, eating exotic foods, participating in children’s activities, helping others, or laying on a beach.
  • When do you want to take your vacation and how much time do you have available? This answer is very important and will greatly affect your budget. Flying overseas takes more time and money than driving a short distance in a car and camping.

Now that you know who is going, what kinds of activities you want to do, and when you plan to go, you can work on choosing the “Where.”

  • Where would you like to go? You have greatly narrowed your choices by answering the first three questions. Take a look at the possibilities you now have available and select five potential options that will work within all your specifications.
  • Why do you want to go? What is the purpose of your trip? Do you want time off to relax or bond with your family or a friend? Or is it important to spend time helping people in need by working on a project or mission? This answer will assist in steering you towards the activities that mean the most to you and will enable you to plan your activities more thoroughly.
  • How do you want to travel? The “Where” will partially determine your means of transportation: car, airplane, train, ship, or bicycle? The money available will govern whether you take a budget trip or luxury excursion. There are many options in-between.

Once you have answered the questions, you can easily narrow down your options, determine a savings plan, choose whether you want to book everything yourself or go through a travel company or agent.

If doing it yourself, you will need to book your travel arrangements, secure your accommodations, and plan any activities that require reservations.

Depending on where you are going you must ascertain if you need a passport, visas, specific shots or medications, and whether or not you want to purchase travel insurance.

At this point all that is left is saving, packing, and contacting your credit and debit card company or bank to let them know where you are going and the dates you will be gone. This will ensure that you have access to your funds while you are away.

If you are booking plans yourself and you plan to leave your country, you may need to contact your credit and debit card companies before booking rooms and international flights. Sometimes card companies block your card during the booking process if they are not aware of your plans.

Answering the questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How is a quick and easy method for narrowing the scope of vacation options. It will help you clarify the best vacation choice and then you can enjoy the fun of planning all the specific details.
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